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Flower Power 

The Flower Power website is live and ready for orders! You can choose from an assortment of eight beautiful amaryllis and paperwhite kits complete with pot, soil, and a decorative burlap bag for $22.00, or the waxed amaryllis for $30.00. Each bulb is hand selected and dipped in house with a custom wax blend. Waxed Amaryllis require no water or soil. Simply place it in a bright and warm location in your home and watch it grow. New this year in addition to the red, green, silver and gold bulbs are 5 new bulb designs including: Snowman Sweater, Festive Lights, Christmas Trees, Let It Snow, and Holiday Truck Sweater for $34.00 Amaryllis may take 4-8 weeks to bloom.

  • The deadline for ordering is December 1, 2022, and the bulbs will be shipped when the orders are received for a $6.00 fee per order to any location in the US.
  • These make perfect gifts to bring holiday cheer to family and friends or add beautiful blooms to your own homes during the winter months ahead

Click on the link below to order your holiday gift bulbs.

Order your flowers from Flower Power