Alex Haley said that “Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.” Perhaps with that in mind, the owners of this stately, two-story brick home have generously sprinkled magic across all levels to create a playground for children and the young at heart.

An heirloom pump organ in the entry may usher you in with a “Twelfth Street Rag,” accompanied by someone at the keys of the player piano in the neighboring wine-colored greeting room. The dining room radiates with grandma’s mahogany furniture, family silver, antiques, and “bird’s egg” floor lamps.

Beyond the cherry wood warmth of the kitchen, removal of a bay window gives access now to additional country dining, a family room with handcrafted furniture, unique collectibles, and an extensive vaulted ceiling addition that features a resistance pool for a serious workout. Mexican tiles on the floor, barn-look paneling, and a service area for entertaining are softly cooled by a massive industrial-style ceiling fan.

As you move about, you’ll begin to note that walls throughout are uniquely complemented (thank you, Martha Stewart) by differing trim and ceiling color. Bedrooms above, below, and in-between are decorated with family antiques and magnificent quilts, authenticating the family’s deep roots in the South.

The real magic is on the home’s lower level. You’ll step into a well stocked children’s library, then pass into a classroom where children can explore and learn within a reading nook overlooking the forested backyard or sort seashells at the art and science center. A walk-in playhouse offers home economics opportunities, and a puppet theatre invites the budding marionette master. A raised stage with balcony, backed by a wall graphic of the family castle abroad, would please the Bard of Avon. (He’d find costumes and effects stored behind stage.) While children play and learn, adults might adjourn to the adjoining TV room and kitchen behind a pocket door and catch the latest sports event. 

This home will delight and enchant you, and definitely make you feel young again.